Matthew Danics

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Hello! My name is Matthew Danics and I am a student at Western University pursing a dual degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. I am an easy going person who loves to find solutions through discussion and teamwork.

I have experience with full stack development as well as mobile development with Flutter and React Native. This past summer I intered at TouchBistro as a full stack developer where I worked on some crazy cool tech. Currently I run educational workshops on the largest technology club on campus, where I teach students on campus how to code.
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When I'm not studying or working on projects, you'll find me kiteboarding. I have a passion for kiteboarding and love the thrill of landing a new trick that I've been trying countless times. I have travelled to 11 different countries in the past few years seeking of the best kiteboarding locations that the world has to offer.


Screenshot of Align Desktop App


We've noticed that in our personal lives, posture in the office space and programming community is often neglected which results in long-term negative health effects. We set out to build a simple but powerful application that would empower individuals to build better posture habits.

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Fluttergram Demo


A social media app written in Flutter and based on Instagram, utilizing Cloud Firestore and Google Cloud Functions for the backend. I built this to get a better understanding of the Flutter framework, and I have been told that it has been a great help for many members in the Flutter community.

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Plattr Logo


This idea was conceived while traveling around Europe, and being frustrated with inaccurate Yelp and Google restaurant reviews. We wanted to rethink the idea of reviewing food from first principles, to design a product that improves UX for users who want to share their experience, and users who are looking for dining ideas.

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Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors Home Page

Multiplayer RPS

A real-time Rock Paper Scissors game made with ReactJS and Firebase. When users load the website, it generates a unique URL that can be shared to a friend to then play the classic game head to head in your browser.

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Western University

2018 - 2022

Dual Degree Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Ivey Business HBA

At Western I am pursuing a dual degree of Computer Science and Business at the Ivey School of Business



Tavel, Competition and Media

Through my high school experience, I have travelled to many countries to train my kiteboaring skills. As a Canadian, I have competed in both the 2017 and 2018 Junior Freestyle Canadian Championships.

Over the past two years I have collected media of my kiteboarding, and love to edit kiteboarding edit videos

Matthew Danics performing a Kiteboarding Trick (S-Bend)in Tabuba, Cumbuco, Brazil Matthew Danics performing a Kiteboaring Raley in Dakhla Morocco Matthew Danics performing a Kiteboarding Trick (S-Bend)in Tabuba, Cumbuco, Brazil
Matthew Danics performing a Kiteboaring Blind Judge in Dakhla Morocco RRD Poison v5 boost trick Matthew Danics performing a Kiteboaring Blind Judge in Dakhla Morocco
Landing kite in Tabuba, Cumbuco, Brazil Tighting kiteboarding boot in Cape Town, South Africa